Case Study

Big house, Big Lift over 130mm


The house is prepared, carpets are removed and stored off site, tiles and cabinetry were covered and protected. We also transplanted a number of the plants for replanting when the job is finished.

Internal Core Drilling

The house is marked out ready to have the internal cores drilled.

What lies beneath.

With the slab plug removed we hand excavate down so we can pour our lifting pads.


External pads are poured

External lifting pads are poured, these are typically 800mm below ground level and are spaced around 2 meters apart. This house over 40 external and over 30 internal lifting pads.

Getting ready

With the internal holes excavated, DPC is applied ready for the lifting process.

Lift and prop

Once lifted, the foundation is propped and readied for the final external pour which include linking the external pads and encapsulation the ring foundation.

Almost done

With the final pour completed

Jobs complete

With the house re-levelled, the owner’s complete repairs while we reinstate the paths and planting.


Test Client